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The Cats

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A little light gray tiger cat inside of a dog crate with hay around it. There is a second cat in front of him and an orange plastic food dish.

Meet Dumpling - Dumpy for short; this little kitten was found in a dumpster at one of the MPI buildings. Stephen caught it and brought it home. It's a bit on the nasty side. Very scared. We put it in a crate on the porch until it knows this is home. We now have a bit of work to do to make it people friendly.

A view inside of a dog crate lined with hay with an adult calico cat eating dry cat food out of an orange food dish and a tiny gray kitten in the corner.

We put Bob in the crate with it so it would not feel so alone. Bob loves crates and kittens. Bob is the first step in nasty cat therapy. :)

A girl inside of a dog crate hugging a little light gray kitten with a wooden glider swing outside of the crate on a stone porch. There is a litter box inside of the crate.
A little girl inside of a dog crate holding a little gray kitten that is looking back at her.

And Amie is the second step

An adult gray and white cat inside of a dog crate lined with hay with a litter of kittens. There are food and water bowls and a litter box inside with them.

Well, Amie fired Bob for hissing. Yep, booted Bobs little butt right out of there and hired Little Lou and the Kittens.

A girl standing inside a living room holding a little gray kitten with a smile on her face. She is wearing red shorts and a black shirt and there are book shelves behind her.

Dumpy was very scared at first, he hissed and put his ears sideways when a dog or human came around. But that did not stop Amie, she picked him up whether he liked it or not. After a while Dumpy decided he liked it. Amie seems to have a way with cats. She is the only one who can hold Whiskers, one of the nasty cats we found under the rubble of the fallen down barn. Once while at her friends barn, Amie bent down and started petting one of the cats. Her friend's mother told Amie the cat she was petting never lets anyone touch it. They were amazed the wild cat walked up to Amie.

Three kids standing in a living room smiling. The girl in the middle is holding a little gray kitten in her shirt. The girl on the right is petting the kittens head.

Dumpling getting loved by Sara, Amie and Jessica

Two blonde girls leaning against a plaid green and white couch on a green carpet playing Nintendo. There is a red sleeping bag next to them that has a stuffed plush toy and a little gray kitten on it.

Amie and Jessica play Game Cube, while Dumpling naps. This kitten learned very quickly that being with humans is more comfortable than living in a dumpster. Amie decided to "give Dumpy a mommy", she put her stuffed cat on top of the kitten so he did not feel all alone while she played her game.

A blonde girl sitting at a wooden kitchen table eating ice cream with a little gray kitten on her lap and a boxer dog in front of her.

This little guy has become very attached to Amie. He just lays on her lap relaxing while she eats her ice cream. Never once did he try and get away. In fact, he cries if Amie puts him down. We are really amazed how fast this stray little kitten realized humans were in his best interest.

Two blonde girls sitting on a brown couch with a red sleeping bag across their legs. On the sleeping bag is a tiny gray kitten.

Dumpy happily hung out with Amie all day long.

A tiny gray kitten in the middle of a bunch of plush stuffed animals.

Where's Dumpy??

A litter of four kittens, three black and one calico, on top of a dog crate that has blankets on top of it. One blanket is brown and white and the other is a barney the purple dinosaur blanket.

From Left: Clover, Suga. Midnight III, Talic.