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The Cats

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The following are the original cats of the Maguire Farm.

8 kittens on a wooden barn floor eating food from a green dish and a an orange dish with a red dish and an empty purple dish next to them.

The Kittens

A little black kitten being held in the air by a person's hand with a red barn in the background.


A little black with white kitten sitting on the edge of a step in a barn with one front paw hanging over the side.


Three little long-haired black kittens sitting in a row in front of a red barn.

Samson, Midnight and Sloppy

A gray and  white tiger kitten laying in mulch with green plants behind it.


A tiger kitten standing on the wooden floor of a barn with the sun shining on it.


A gray and white kitten standing in the grass on top of a garden hose.

Prince Snowball

A black and white kitten standing in front of a red barn door


A black kitten standing on a wooden floor inside of a barn.


9 kittens laying on top of a brown and white blanket on a wooden glider.

Can you count 8 cats?