Blown-in Insulation Removal From Walls

Fiberglass Awareness


This is a house with blown-in fiberglass insulation behind the exterior walls. The air quality inside of the home was poor making the people feel sick.

We were hoping to find batts behind the walls because they are easier to remove, but unfortunately we found the spun glass was blown in.

Some of it comes out in chunks while other areas need to be scraped and vaccumed.

When we first bought the house I assumed the poor air was due to dust and old books left behind by the previous owner. The house had hardwood flooring, so carpets were not the issue. Removing the books and cleaning did not help. The house continued to make me sick. After discovering my real issue was not dust mites but airborne fiberglass, we knew we had to remove all of the fiberglass or sell the house.

After the blown in glass is removed from behind the walls the house will get new siding.

Sharon Maguire - Updated 3-22-2017

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